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Stabling at Mill Stone is divided among three closely arranged barns. All stalls have rubber mats. Horses are turned out daily, weather permitting.

Training/Sale Board at Mill Stone is a full service program that includes: training rides, scheduled lessons that work for each customer, daily grooming, tacking up and cooling out for rides/lessons along a personalized feeding program for each horse, hay, stalls cleaned daily and bedded, turn out, change/adjust sheets and blankets, check legs and shoes, arrange for vet and farrier service, and any other general needs of the horses daily. $1550.00/mo.










Starting young horses under tack is another service offered at Mill Stone. We start with good ground basics which includes obedience and trust so that we may carry those basics through as we teach them to properly lunge and work under tack. Once they have been started under tack, we work to teach the young horse to trust the rider and understand the riders aids so that the horse can continue to develop.


Mill Stone's well rounded marketing program can be tailored to meet your specific needs. We offer a varity of advertisement options including but not limited to: sale videos that can be uploaded to the internet, pictures formatted in a slide show presentation, written copy for the various advertising venues including internet sites( i.e. Big Eq,, Central Equine, Warmbloods-for-Sale,etc) and periodicals( i.e. The Chronicle of the Horse, The Marketer, The Horse of the Delaware Valley etc). Mill Stone has an “in house” person who is both camera and computer saavy. Mill Stone charges a 10% commission on the sale or lease of all horses.












Our lesson program: Mill Stone’s philosophy is that in order to succeed, all horses/riders need to be in an ongoing instructional program. Mill Stone’s lesson program involves students taking two lessons per week. These lessons are taught in a private setting and are customized to educate and challenge their abilities and to improve their weaknesses. Both Kevin McQueen and Jacqueline Roberts take time to explain to students not only what to do, but the “how” and “why” of what they are being asked to do. It is very important that lessons are taught in a very quiet and supportive atmosphere, always emphasizing the positive while giving suggestions of how to correct the negative. We strive to teach students that they need to learn to communicate clearly through their aids so that their horses respond correctly.


1/2hr private        $45.00

1hr private            $80.00