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At the shows, Mill Stone will provide show care for their customers and their horses. These services include completion of entry form, tacking up, cooling out, loading and unloading throughout the day, rebandaging, ringside grooming and holding horse ringside when able. At away shows, Mill Stone staff will provide all services necessary for horse and rider to be comfortable in a stabling situation away from home.

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Mill Stone is a show quality program. Our endeavor is to direct all horses and riders to the show ring to test their skill in a different venue. Lessons are homework, and showing is the test of that homework. Mill Stone shows at a great variety of shows. We offer schooling shows for those that are just starting out, and USEF “A” shows for those looking for zone and national awards.

Coaching at the shows is done in a very quiet, supportive way. Always imparting to both the horse and rider the need to continue to build on the positive, encouraging them to work through the problems, and to always end the show on a positive note. Horses and riders cannot process information if there is tension and fear.

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50 mile radius - $85.00

over 50 miles with a full load - $1.00/mile

less than a full load is provided with a cost per trip


GROOMING PER DAY training/sale horse - $50.00

RIDING  - $35.00/class or $120.00/division

All customers and their horses must be members of the USEF. We also strongly suggest that you are members of the NJPHA, NAL, NJHSA, and Marshal & Sterling.